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PatientActivator App is from 1-800-DENTIST.

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LOS ANGELES, California--PatientActivator, a patient communication and online marketing software from 1-800-DENTIST, gives dentists control in their practice with a new mobile app.

In response to requests from dentists and office managers for remote access to important practice tools, the company created a mobile app that gives dentists easy access to practice communication and marketing tools--right from their mobile phone.

PatientActivator’s mobile app addresses the demand for on-the-go access by offering the software’s most-used features remotely, including letting dentists quickly review scheduled appointments, make evening check-in calls with a single touch, and reviewing their online ratings and reviews.

In addition, the help screen helps make it easy to connect to the PatientActivator team for live support. One of the biggest time-savers is a new interface for doctor-to-patient calls that lets doctors instantly dial patients with upcoming appointments or check in on recovering patients, with just a single tap.

“Mobile devices are becoming the primary medium for accessing the Internet,” said Michael Turner, CEO of 1-800-DENTIST.

“We want our members’ mobile experience with our software to be as seamless and efficient as the online software. PatientActivator’s mobile app does this by providing dynamic and efficient marketing tools--accessible anywhere.”

The free app is available to PatientActivator members via iTunes and the Android store, and places an icon on their home screen.

For all other mobile phone types, there’s also a Web accessible version that they can access by logging on to from their phone.

“We designed PatientActivator to help dentists manage their schedules, follow up with patients, and monitor online reviews from one convenient dashboard,” said Turner.

“The mobile app takes this convenience one step further. Now dentists can manage patient communications and increase production all from their phone.”

In addition, PatientActivator continues to provide customized patient communications--including appointment confirmations, recall reminders, and dormant patient reactivation and more--sent automatically via email, text, and live phone call. There’s also a suite of social media and online marketing tools to help dentists gather more patient reviews, promote themselves on Facebook, increase their online presence, and attract more new patients online.

The service offers customer service (unlimited live phone support with a tech team), and is one of the only patient communication services dedicated exclusively to dentistry.

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