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PatientActivator offers dentists free scorecard

July 31, 2013
Free Online Reputation Scorecard reveals statistics about a practice’s patient reviews, online listings and social media presence.
LOS ANGELES, California--PatientActivator, a patient communication and online marketing service from 1-800-DENTIST, offers dental practices a free Online Reputation Scorecard.
The report pulls in data from hundreds of major websites and displays statistics about the practice’s patient reviews, online listings, and social media presence--all on a single screen. The reputation scorecard is offered in response to a recent dental industry survey that revealed fewer than 50% of dental practices actively monitor their online reputation. Often they ignore online spaces dental patients visit most. To help these practices jumpstart their digital presence, PatientActivator will provide a real-time snapshot of a practice’s online reputation, including: * How many online directory sites list the practice's information * Where information is inconsistent, incomplete, or missing on the Web * Up-to-the-minute data on the number of new patient reviews about the practice * Trends in online patient reviews and patient ratings * Social media mentions, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube The Online Reputation Scorecard is intended to reveal any areas in which dentists may have fallen behind competitors in the online world. From there, PatientActivator also offers a full suite of Web tools that can quickly boost the practice’s online presence, automatically gathering new patient reviews, promoting the practice on Facebook, and improving search engine optimization. “Online reputation is an increasingly important part of dental practice marketing, influencing everything from current patient retention to new patient acquisition,” said Michael Turner, CEO of 1-800-DENTIST. “This scorecard helps reveal what impression the practice is making online, and PatientActivator makes it easy to correct any issues and fully harness the power of search engines, reviews, and social media to grow the practice.” In addition to these online marketing tools, PatientActivator continues to offer patient communications, including customized appointment reminders sent automatically via email, text, and live phone call. The service offers unlimited live phone support with a tech team, and is one of the only patient communication services dedicated exclusively to dentistry. Dentists and staff can take a demo of PatientActivator and receive a free Online Reputation Scorecard at To comment on this topic, go to