5 slightly unexpected tips to really get your message across about your dental practice

One tip - don't be afraid to take some time off for yourself and your team

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These are tips you may not believe will help you, but they can!

1. Don’t give out a business card. All people do is lose business cards in their car or purse or pocket. However, do take their business cards. Now YOU are in control of continuing the conversation. You won’t throw away this business opportunity! You will give the card to your front desk so that your office can connect with the people.

2. Take time off. Okay, you do work for a living. BUT, you will be refreshed, rejuvenated, and more productive after you’ve had a break. You don’t need to take off weeks; maybe just an afternoon. In fact, close the office a few hours early and treat your team to a surprise event, such as getting manicures or going to the zoo. Now everyone will be more energized and creative.

3. Don’t send a return email right away. Your immediate response will spoil people. Return emails within 24 hours. You will be perceived as efficient but not a techno-slave. One exception is emergencies.

4. Give away content. “Free is your best friend,” said Wildfire Marketing founder Rob Eagar. “Giving away part of your content is one of the best ways to generate sales.” While Rob is talking about book sales, think how this relates to your dental practice. Everyone likes getting something for free. You can create and communicate goodwill by giving away personally signed toothbrushes, lipgloss, or floss.

5. Don’t tell jokes. Jokes about politics, sex, and religion often offend people. But, do keep a sense of humor! Observe the funny stuff that’s all around you. Start your morning huddles with something funny that happened recently. Did a guy’s toupee fall off when he went back in the dental chair? Did the suction hose go ballistic and get stuck to the patient’s arm? Did a patient swirl the cup of mouthwash in her hand rather than swirl it in her mouth? (After all, you did say, “Swish this mouthwash around for 30 seconds.”) Humor helps a message stick. And it puts everyone in a good mood.

Your Speak For Yourself take away? Get creative as a communicator!

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This is one of Karen Cortell Reisman's regular columns on DentistryIQ called "Speak for Yourself to Grow Your Dental Practice." Karen is the author of two books, and president of Speak For Yourself®, which works with dental groups on how to make more money. It’s all in how you speak for yourself.

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