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Steve White joins DDS Rescue team

Feb. 11, 2013
White will serve as vice president of sales and marketing.

CARLSBAD, California—Dental industry veteran Steve White has joined DDS Rescue as vice president of sales and marketing.

Former senior vice president of sales and marketing for J. Morita USA, White has more than 30 years of dental industry experience and knowledge of retail and wholesale sales and marketing.

In White’s role in sales and marketing for DDS Rescue, he will apply his knowledge of the dental practice to educate dentists on the importance of proper backup/business continuity systems. DDS Rescue, a backup system that was recently awarded the Pride Institute Best of Class Award, is a high-tech solution built for high-end dental practices.

“The modern dental practice relies on computer technology more than anything,” said White.

“This technology keeps the practice running. But if it should fail—as it often does—it can take the practice down with it. Every practice needs an effective backup and recovery solution. But the type of backup system in place is critical because it can make the difference between staying in business or not.”

Most experts believe that to keep a practice up and running, dentists need access to their patient data within minutes. DDS Rescue is a system that can restore practice data in minutes as compared to days or weeks with traditional backups. The system allows the immediate recovery of deleted files and corrupt databases.

The DDS Rescue system features an onsite failover server, which is constantly backing up data, as well as an online component so practice data can be accessed online in case of an emergency.

DDS Rescue is intended for dentistry since it is HIPAA-compliant and helps minimize HITECH liability. Data never leaves the office in an unencrypted format. The device also features a GPS locator to help authorities recover the system in case of theft.

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