Altair expands product offerings

Feb. 20, 2013
Ofterings will extend to retail health-care industry, including dentistry.

FRANKLIN, Tennessee--In 2009, Altair launched a host of direct marketing programs to group dental practices whose goals were to save marketing dollars by better targeting of, and communications with, their ideal patients/customers.

Today, 70 dental practices in 22 different states use Altair solutions to track marketing ROIs upward to 200%.

“We are very proud of the savings and ROI measures that we have been able to produce for our dental partners, and will be expanding our partnerships to other retail health-care providers, like urgent care and specialty services,” said Steve Collins, president at Altair Customer Intelligence.

“The competition for health-care dollars is too high for any provider (large or small) not to want to make every penny count that’s being spent on marketing. Altair offers the cost-saving solutions these providers desire, and we’re committed to expanding its offering within the retail health-care industry.”

Altair has customized its process to address the specific needs for retail health-care businesses and select specialty health-care organizations , including but not limited to:

1. Segmentation and profiling of ideal patient/customer groups to target business growth
2. Implement direct marketing strategy with measurable events that drive follow-up actions
3. Marketing database services to centralize direct, digital and social marketing into a single repository for campaign development, deployment, measurement and reporting

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