Three Ways To Attract the Right Patients

Sept. 8, 2011
Set yourself apart from other dental practices with excellent service.

by Elliot Pearson

In the dental profession, most dentists aren’t focused on getting more patients into their practices. This is because although the number of new patients matter, dentists know that their practices really thrive by building long-term relationships with their existing clients. Dentists are looking for individuals who value health, not just those who come in whenever a tooth is cracked or when pain arises.

It’s not the number of patients, but rather having the right patients that value what you can offer that counts. And, just as there are marketing strategies which are useful for attracting new patients, there are also alternative strategies that can bait and hook the kind of patients you want to retain in your practice.Be differentThis does not mean make your ads so flashy that they would be impossible for anyone to miss. It doesn't mean offering huge discounts and free services. These tactics only serve to make your advertising campaign different, but don't necessarily build your practice.Set yourself apart from other dental practices with excellent service. For instance, you can establish your reputation for always running on time. Making your patients wait a long time for their appointments costs them a lot in wasted time. Constantly running late can discourage patients from booking more appointments with you. Proper planning is all that it takes to get things running smoothly and on schedule.Wow new patientsTo gain patient trust, you need to let them know what you are doing and why.They need to understand the rationale behind your suggested treatment plan. Once patients understand the value to them in the treatment you are recommending, they will be more receptive about accepting treatment. Dentists need tto make sure their patients understand they are partners in improving their oral health. To achieve this goal, both the dentist and the patient have to be on the same page. Ask for referralsOnce you have established a good relationship with your patients, there should be no problem in enlisting their help in building your practice. In fact, some patients feel flattered when their dentist asks them for referrals. You’ll easily identify these patients because they are the ones who will pay you a compliment or fish for one.
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