How to get your name all over the internet

Quick tips on getting your practice's name on the Internet (in the right places).

Dr. John Han
Dr. John Han

Today, everything is on the internet, so it’s important you market your practice online to get new patients. There are several strategies that you can do to raise brand awareness on the internet and market your practice.


Google Authorship occurs when your photo and author information shows up in a search result under a post or article that you have contributed to. Notice the example below. In a search for “Reston Dentist”, John Han’s full name, picture and amount of Google+ circles appear in the search result.

Han Google Plus

Google authorship is important because it appears in search results. It is very noticeable. People are more likely to click on a search result with an image and information than they would any regular search result. As a result, it produces higher click-through rate.

Social Sharing

After a blog is posted, don’t be satisfied with the fact that you have published an article. The next step is to share the article with everyone. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Anywhere you are able to share the article, share it. This helps increase the traffic to your site, helps you build authority, and gains you more backlinks.

Also, engaging with potential customers on social media sites really helps you network with your community. You can use it to update patients about special offers, talk to patients and answer their questions, and share with them information about your practice. Share your knowledge with people online and get your name out there.

Google+ & Yelp! Reviews

There are a lot of benefits to having reviews about your practice. First, it’s pretty much free advertisement. Online reviews about your practice can be spread among the reviewers’ network of friends. When the network of friends begin hearing good recommendations about your site, they are more likely to take that advice. Studies show consumers trust recommendations from people they know.

Positive online reviews also help build your local SEO. Google search engines account how many times your business is mentioned in a review. The more you are reviewed, the higher Google will rank your site. So, start talking to your patients about reviewing your service. Offer special offers for patients who give reviews about you and your practice.

Take advantage of how you can benefit from the internet. Get your name and brand out there by sharing and talking with potential patients. Start today: Build backlinks and increase traffic to your website and market your practice better.

About the author:

John Han, DMD, is a Reston Dentist who owns Expressions Dental Care in Reston, Virginia. Dr. Han specializes in general dentistry and offers Invisalign Treatment at his office. Outside of his practice, Dr. Han spends his time with his wife and three daughters.

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