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'Tis the season ... to draw dental patients in with holiday e-newsletters

Nov. 4, 2014
A good way to keep patients and draw in new patients is to use the holidays as a time to reach out via newsletters with helpful tips about their oral health.

Here we go, again. Just when we think we’ve recovered from the last holiday season, the next one is already peering around the corner. Hustle, bustle, and draining bank accounts are on the horizon.

Early November is the perfect time to start making your lists and checking off your to-do list (twice, of course) before December 15 sneaks up on you. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, or not celebrate, the winter festivities, the season gives you the perfect opportunity to engage your patients.

The first of November is also a great time to send a fall e-newsletter, and gear up for a few holiday themed newsletters over the next couple of months. Here are a few ideas for making the most of your seasonal newsletters.

Give the gift of dental health: Topic ideas
Using e-newsletters to give your patients health tips is a great way to keep them mindful of their oral health, and a great way to keep them connected and engaged with you. You can almost taste the sugar in the air, so offering tricks for combatting cavities for kids and adults alike will be a great attention-grabber.

Educate them with these article ideas: Why is Sugar so Bad for my Teeth? or, What does Sugar do to my Teeth? or, The Sour Truth (the Detriments of Acid Compounds on your Teeth), or Stay Away from Sticky!

Give patients sugar-free tips with these articles: Delicious Gift Ideas without the Sugar, or Sugarless Stocking Stuffers, or Teeth-Friendly Treats.

You need to plan for those with a sweet tooth.One tip as you impart your wisdom is do not lecture. Most of your patients won’t be avoiding sugar simply because they know they should. Try giving them some guidelines that can be used even if they are not willing to go sugar-free during the holidays.

Some article ideas include Recovering from the Sugar Craze: How to Clean Off the Sweet (brushing tips); When is Sugar Hour? (after meals); Chew Chew Chew (saliva is produced when you eat, which neutralizes harmful acids); Rinse Before you Repeat (take 20 seconds to rinse after eating acids); and Slow Down(take breaks to let your saliva repair enamel, drink from a straw, etc.).

You should encourage end-of-year appointments. Think about it. Once the chaos of the holidays sets in for your patients, scheduling appointments with your practice will be the last thing on their mind – until all of the holiday sweets start acting as less-than-joyful reminders. The end of the year means that patients’ deductibles are probably resetting, so it’s an ideal time to get them in for a cleaning and some protection from the sugar bugs. Article ideas include Start the Season with a Sparkle, Jump-Start your New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Smile, Picture-Perfect Teeth - Hurry In, and Guard Your Teeth from the Season.

Make the most of the season: things to include
Patient newsletters
are an excellent tool for dental marketing, and the holiday season is a great time to offer promotions on services or products. Throw in some incentives that you don’t usually offer. We have a gift for you! Celebrate with us! or From us to you - Happy Holidays! Whether it’s a free cleaning or a discount on whitening (to be picture-ready, of course), everyone loves a great deal. What better time than the holidays?

Get going! If you’re not already sending e-newsletters to your patients, this is a great time to get started. The possibilities for engaging outreach are limitless, so pick a subject and get writing!

Need tips on getting started? Get them here!

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Amy LaVange currently manages communications and written content for Solutionreach, the cloud-based platform previously known as Smile Reminder, that enables health-care professionals to engage and communicate with 100% of their patients.