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3 investment strategies for dentists who want more patients

June 3, 2014
Three simple investments can make all the difference in a successful practice

When you attended dental school, you invested thousands of dollars into your schooling and licensing. Then, when you opened your practice, you had to invest in new equipment, the building, and more. Now that you’re no longer kickstarting your practices, what do you do now? Business is going well, so what should you invest your money in?

Here are three investment strategies for dentists who want more patients. These all have a high ROI that will be worth your effort.

Internet marketing
More potential patients are going online to find the information they’re looking for. This is especially true when it comes to medical care and trusted medical professionals. That’s why as a dentist, you need to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to maximize your efforts through Internet marketing. There are a variety of Internet marketing techniques, all of which are incredibly valuable. Paying for a service such as Google Adwords and having a highly converting website is key, as this will help you increase your online presence and rank higher through search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO refers to whereyour dental practice ranks on a search engine when a potential patient looks for it online. The more traffic and recognition that you have online, the higher up you will be on those search results. Ideally, getting into the top three on the first page is where you want to be in order to notice an increase in your current patients. If you don’t feel comfortable putting this all together, you can invest in an Internet marketing team.

Renovate your office
The dental industry is always changing with the latest technology. Potential patients actively search out dental offices that make them feel comfortable, that also provide them with the best overall service. It’s important that dentists make the effort to invest in their office. By making it a relaxing environment with the best possible medical technology, a dental practice can increase the odds of getting more patients through the door. Once you get them in the door, then it’s time to provide them with service that they won’t forget.

Boost company morale
It’s your job to make sure that every patient that sits in your chair is happy with the service you provide. That being said, it’s important to recognize it’s not only important that your patients are treated well, but also your employees. To do this, invest in simple things that will help boost company morale. Consider giving bonuses after a hard working month, buying lunch or breakfast for your employees, or providing other benefits to reward them. It’s important to remember that a dental office is more than just the service you provide patients, but also how those patients feel during their time in your office. The best way to make sure you leave a lasting and positive impression is to ensure that everyone in your office is creating a positive and friendly environment.

Investing in your dental practice is necessary if you want to make the most of it, and these three investment options will certainly provide you with returns that will be worth it.

Dr. Nicholas Pile is the owner and founder of Element Dental Center in Anthem, AZ. Dr. Pile offers general and cosmetic dentistry as well as periodontal evaluations at his office. Aside from working, Dr. Pile likes to spend time with his lovely family.