The 4 best methods for getting .edu and .gov backlinks

June 16, 2014
Dr. Keith Nguyen provides four methods for backlinking your dental practice website to .edu and .gov websites.
Backlinks from websites that end with .edu or .gov are among the best and most rare resources that you can tap into for search engine optimization (SEO). These are education and government websites, and they are pure gold for SEO. From my experience, these methods for connecting to .edu and .gov sites can help to boost a site’s ranking on Google:

1. Comment on blogs.
If you find a government agency or a school that has a blog, use it! Make intelligent comments on the posts and provide input appropriate to the blog. Do not backlink to your website, however, because Google might recognize it as spam. Commenting to start conversations about topics relevant to your site will help you to boost your site in Google’s rankings.

2. Join a resource page.
As a dentist, you can join resource pages on various higher education websites, especially if your practice is located near a college or university. Browse the university’s website to see if they have a directory of local businesses or a resource page. If they do, contact the university and request to be added to the list. Being on the list will provide valuable backlinks to your site from the .edu page that will allow out-of-state students to look at the directory and see your practice.

3. Make a scholarship.
Speaking of .edu pages, you can create a relatively cheap scholarship for a few hundred dollars—or more, if you prefer—and then be entered on university websites for available scholarships. You can send the same scholarship to multiple university websites, or you can develop multiple scholarships for multiple universities. Sending the same scholarship to multiple universities could help you to get a ton of backlinks for a few hundred dollars, but a unique scholarship for each university will give you a stronger chance of being listed on each university’s site and thereby a stronger chance at getting the backlink to the .edu page.

4. Use students.
Another way of getting backlinks to .edu or .gov sites is to hire people to do it for you. You can hire college students on the cheap to post to their school’s blog or create their own in order to talk about your practice and provide a backlink to your site. This method is a little iffy, but it can prove to be effective.

If you want your practice to have the edge over the competition in Google’s rankings, getting these backlinks is essential.

Dr. Keith Nguyenis a dentist in Rocklin, California. With Pro Dental Group Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Nguyen serves the greater Sacramento area’s dental needs. Dr. Nguyen enjoys spending time at home.