As a dental assistant, is marketing part of your job? Here are 12 tools to assist you

Oct. 1, 2014
If marketing is part of your job as office manager or dental assistant, there are a multitude of tools and apps to help make the job easier.

Marketing is an incredibly important part of any business. However, the way that marketing has developed in recent years has required marketers to be much more effective in their efforts. For dental practices that rely on their dental assistants to help with marketing, it’s important that they do all they can to be as productive as possible. After all, if they aren’t they’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Here are 12 marketing tools that will help make dental assistants more productive.

Trello is hands-down one of the most effective tools out there for productivity and project management. With Trello, users can easily make different boards and check off tasks as they complete them. In addition, dental assistants can add other people to the boards so that everyone is on the same page with their tasks.

Google Drive
There are a lot of different options out there for cloud-based servers. While there are plenty you may like, it’s hard to say that Google Drive isn’t among the best to use. Google Drive is ideal for those who have Google email addresses, but there will be other options on this list for those who don’t want to rely on that.

Google Analytics
Another part of the Google suite of products, Analytics lets dental assistants track all of their online information on a dentist’s website. If a dental assistant has the responsibility of tracking the website and reporting to the dentist, then Analytics will be an invaluable tool.

HootSuite is great for dental offices that have social media accounts. Those that don’t should quickly get on the ball. With HootSuite, dental assistants can manage all of their accounts from one app, which makes it easier to post, share, comment, and more. In addition, HootSuite lends permission to different members of the team, which will determine who can do what.

Prezi takes PowerPoint presentations to the next level. With Prezi you can make beautiful visual content that will keep your audience engaged during presentations. It’s a great way to make things look more interesting and entertaining, especially for dental assistants who must give presentations as part of their responsibilities.

Mavenlink is a great option for dental assistants who want to to stay productive because it comes with a bunch of different features. Not only does it have its own management tool, it also comes with some features integrated with Google. Mavenlink also lets you assign tasks and deadlines to others on your team.

Think Rolodex, but in a computer. Flexadeck is ideal for managing all of your contacts. You can keep track of people you’ve met, as well as personal information. With Flexadeck, you’ll never forget a password or login name again.

I said before that Google Drive is ideal for those who prefer to use Google. However, Dropbox may be better for those who want to avoid using a Google email address. It’s ideal for dental assistants who team up with others because it has fantastic organizational functions that make it easy for everyone to stay organized.

Basecamp is similar to the Mavenlink app. However, it doesn’t have quite the same amount of functionality, such as assigning tasks or deadlines. That said, Basecamp is a bit easier to become familiar with, which is a good quality for dental assistants who are always on the go.

No matter what you do for a living, Evernote can help. This program is ideal for taking quick notes and storing them for future use. You can also share notes with others who have the program, which is ideal for dental assistants who want to keep their bosses in the loop about current marketing methods.

Like HootSuite, TweetDeck is used for the social media platform Twitter. It’s an alternative to HootSuite, though the latter typically offers more features. However, if you don’t like the comprehensiveness of HootSuite, TweetDeck is a great option.

Google Calendar
To keep everything and everyone organized, dental assistants can rely on Google Calendar. It’s very easy to make note of appointments and meetings, and they can also share everything on the Calendar by emailing a link to their boss. Being a dental assistant with the task of keeping up with marketing can be difficult, but it can be much easier with Google Calendar.

Cynthia Witson, RDH, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2011. Cynthia has passion for excellence, which is to help patients achieve healthy smiles with oral health care solutions and lifelong cosmetic procedures. Follow her on Twitter!