Reactivate Dental Patients

Ready to tap into a goldmine? Reactivate dormant patients with help from new white paper

July 24, 2014
New whitepaper from Futuredontics, “5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation," can help dentists reclaim the thousands of dollars of production hiding in their patient files.

As the Great Recession fades into a bitter memory, dentists are still searching for ways to get their practices back where they were during pre-recession days. Many different approaches to building up business are successful for many different people, and by instituting these approaches into their practices, dentists are starting to regain their footing after a few rough years.

But one item that dental consultants and companies are working hard to get dentists to pay more attention to is reactivating patients who have not visited the practice in quite some time. Think about it. The Great Recession hit patients' pocketbooks too, and there are as many reasons for leaving dental practices as there are people.

To address this valuable resource, Futuredontics issued a new white paper entitled "5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation." It states that 20% of the patients in a typical practice are considered dormant. Yet 25% of practices spend zero time working on dormant patient reactivation. A survey conducted among members of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) reveals that 46% of office managers feel they do not spend enough time on patient reactivation, even though they realize how important patient reactiviation is to a practice.

“Dormant patient reactivation needs to be a top priority for dentists,” said Futuredontics CEO Michael Turner. “The average practice has tens of thousands of dollars in production sitting in their dormant patient files. Our new whitepaper shows dentists how to get these patients back on their schedule and restore that recurring revenue to their bottom line.”

Futuredontics created a program for reactivating patients called Reactivation Pro. It features a U.S.-based team that personally calls your patients for you. Whether you chooose to use this system, or start reactivating patients on your own, the "5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation" offers tips and insights to tapping into this valuable source of practice revenue.

Visit to request a copy of the white paper today. And watch the Great Recession become a distant memory.