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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: How to spread your big message successfully

July 22, 2014
It's important to successfully share important messages about your dental practice. Pride Institute can help.

One of the most common questions I get when one of my Pride clients is planning a big announcement – such as a practice opening, a practice website launch, or a new practice logo – is, “How do we tell the community about this exciting news?”

As a marketing consultant, I help clients understand how to communicate their message to two very different audiences – the existing patient base and the general public.

For practices that have 60% to 70% of their patients’ email addresses and an automated patient communication system, I recommend communicating with existing patients via email whenever possible, sending an email blast via an automated system is free and very effective!

However, for practices that are still using traditional postcard reminders or haven’t converted to electronic communication, a traditional letter on practice letterhead also works well. Click here for sample email/letter templates for a practice Facebook page launch and a practice grand opening.

When it comes to alerting the community about practice news, a press release is the best format. It can be sent to newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, and TV stations, and serves as a standard format for communicating to the media. Click here for sample news release templates for a practice website launch and a practice grand opening.

No matter the method of communication, I encourage my Pride clients to maximize on such an important marketing opportunity. There is no better time to reach out to patients and colleagues than when celebrating a milestone within the practice.

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