Inventor of mouthwash dispenser seeks crowdfunding

BreathWash touch-free mouthwash dispenser wants to finish final product design.

SEATTLE—Modern bathrooms feature touch-free soap dispensers, sensor-driven paper towel dispensers, and automatic blow dryers all in the name of hygiene.

Seattle author-turned-inventor Olivia Scrivanich seeks to add a touch-free mouthwash dispenser to that list of products found in bathrooms. She has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $11,000 by May 23, 2014, to help make her dream a reality.

Scrivanich’s invention, called BreathWash, is a sensor-driven, touchfree, wall-mounted device that automatically dispenses two to four ounces of mouthwash when a cup is placed beneath it.

“BreathWash is a product that is perfect for hotels, restaurants, salons and spas, office buildings, and homes,” Scrivanich said. “It’s really for everyone that has a mouth.”

Scrivanich has also developed a kids' version of her product caledl the Fiscal Pear Mouthwash Dispenser, which features a child-friendly character in the shape of a pear that dispenses mouthwash.

“The Fiscal Pear BreathWash for Kids makes the prewash and teeth brushing routine fun,” Scrivanich said

Scrivanich’s crowdfunding campaign is intended to move the product along from the predevelopment and patent stage to the final design and development stage. The campaign goal of $11,000 should cover the costs of development and product marketing.

The crowdfunding campaign has eight contribution levels ranging from $10 to $5,000. Perks at the smaller level include a Fiscal Pear keychain or child-size T-shirt. Starting at the $1,000 silver level, supporters will receive a copy of Jessica Domingo’s new CD, “Just Vibe.”

Supporters at the $2,500 gold level will receive Domingo’s CD, as well as a choice between a BreathWash Dispenser or a Fiscal Pear Mouthwash Dispenser.

Platinum level supporters at the $5,000 level will receive gold-level perks plus a round of golf with a friend and former Seahawks linebacker Alonzo Metz, as well as a choice among former Seahawk Nesby Glasgow, former Seahawk Randall Morris, or rapper Kid Sensation (Xola Malik).

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