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Dental research highlights importance of digital marketing and Internet enabled services

April 29, 2014
Sesame Communications announces results of 2014 national research study on the digital marketing priorities of dental care providers.

Sesame Communications announced the results of a 2014 national research study of dental care providers on the digital marketing priorities they see as critical to their overall marketing strategy. The study was conducted in February 2014 and included 213 dental professionals.

Key findings from this national dental care provider study include:
• 96.9% regard their ranking on as important to their practice.
• 85.5% believe automated reminders are important to practice success.
• 82% state their website is important to their practice success.
• 65.7% consider SEO important to their practice success.
• More than half stated their practices received patient payments faster when an online payment system is available as part of a patient login system.

The study also provided insight into traditional marketing efforts that were perceived as providing less value. A key finding in this category was that seven out of 10 practices did not see print advertising as important to practice success.

“Sesame Communications continues to invest heavily in research to better understand the priorities dental care providers place on all aspects of practice marketing in the digital age,” said Diana P. Friedman, President and CEO of Sesame Communications. “As is evident from this national study, providers continue to see Internet enabled services such as websites and automated reminders as vital to sustained practice growth and profitability.”

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