3 ways to capture the attention of your future patients online

Sept. 21, 2012
When future patients search for local dental care in your area, how do you make sure they click on your website? Glenn Lombardi gives you three tips to make sure your practice stands out online.

Your future patients are searching online for local dental care in your area. So how can you ensure your website gets clicked and not the practice down the street?

Here are a few tips that will help your practice stand out online, earning you more traffic and ultimately more appointments from people actively searching for your dental services online.

Be a resource.

Setting up your practice to be an educational hub for dentistry is going to help you win favor and reputation in your local space. Start by making your website more authoritative. This can take the form of an educational patient library, videos, or a blog. By delivering consistent, reliable content, you will help establish trust and visibility for your practice.

Be mobile.

According to a recent article by Search Engine Land, less than 10% of the Web is mobile-ready. Despite the rising evidence that Internet usage via mobile will soon trump desktops and laptops, too many dentists have yet to launch a mobile website. By being an early adopter of mobile, you will earn phone calls from a growing number of on-the-move patients who prefer smartphones to PCs.

Be social.

Keeping in touch with patients via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus can lead to repeated appointments, loyalty, and referrals for your practice. Embrace social media today and start connecting with current and potential patients who use social media every day to engage with the local brands and services they care about.

Author bio
Glenn Lombardi is president of Officite, LLC, a provider of dental websites and Internet marketing strategies, including social media, search marketing, reputation management, and mobile websites. Officite has built thousands of websites that have generated more than half a million new patient appointment requests since 2002. For more information, visit www.officite.com or call (800) 908-2483.