Solutionreach launches referral rewards program

Sept. 10, 2012
Program pays  companies and individuals for either eferring or selling the service.

LEHI, Utah--Solutionreach, a patient engagement service, has launched a new program called SR Referral Rewards.

The prgram pays companies and individuals who refer and/or selling the service. Solutionreach developed the program so clients--dentists, cosmetic surgeons, optometrists, and other medical professionals--would have greater incentive to spread the Solutionreach word to colleagues.

"SR Referral Rewards is affiliate marketing with a big return," said Jim Higgins, CEO of Solutionreach. "We love our raving fans and are excited to introduce a new referral program to further encourage them to tell others about us."

The new program will pay referring practices $500 for successful referrals, and $2,000 for every 10th.

"Imagine you're a dentist visiting your dermatologist, and he can't stop talking about how effective Solutionreach is for his practice," said Higgins.

"If your dermatologist swears by it, and he's an educated professional you trust with your well-being, you'll want Solutionreach."

Health-are practitioners are not the only beneficiaries of the program. Health-care practice consulting has emerged as a popular profession, helping health-care practitioners do what they didn't learn in school: run a business.

"With the new SR Referral Rewards, I'm seeing additional revenue for doing what I've already been doing: referring my colleagues to Solutionreach because it's a great service," said Peter J. Cass, OD. "The additional compensation is a nice 'thank you' for my work."

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