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ProSites launches new corporate website

June 27, 2012
Company gives corporate website a new look.

TEMECULA, California--ProSites, a website design and Internet marketing provider for dental and medical professionals, has announced launch of a new corporate website.

The website,, showcases a new look and a streamlined user experience while it educates doctors about online marketing solutions.

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"We wanted the new site to highlight the many service offerings we have available," stated Lance McCollough, founder and CEO of ProSites. "The new website reflects our unmatched design and technological expertise, as well as illustrates our commitment to providing the highest-quality services."

In addition to a new design, the website showcases the services offered by ProSites. From search engine optimization and mobile website design, to local search strategies and social media marketing, ProSites provides a solution to help doctors successfully grow a practice through the Internet.

Doctors can communicate with ProSites through the website with advanced features, such as live chat and the ability to schedule a free consultation. The new website also encourages doctors to take a zero-obligation, free trial, which allows them to explore an extensive pre-design style library and see how easy it is to make changes to a practice website.

For more information, visit or call (888) 932-3644.

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