Keep your patients: 3 basic rules of direct marketing

July 19, 2012
Joy Gendusa, owner and CEO of PostcardMania, says it costs far less to keep a patient than it does to go out and get a new one. Here are three rules to follow to make sure your marketing plan is successful.

It's a fact that your customers are your best leads. This means that the most likely people to purchase your dental services are the ones who have paid for them before. They know you. They trust you. Two of the biggest hurdles are already cleared! Plus, it costs far less money to keep a patient than it does to go out and get a new one. Using direct mail to keep in touch with your client database is a must.

Here are a few rules to follow when marketing your company to your database:

Rule #1: Collect all of their information.

A no-brainer — the more information you have about your customers, the easier it is to keep in contact. Don't neglect to ask for your patients’ email addresses. Everyone has one and most will share it pretty easily.

Rule #2: Don't treat your patients like prospects.

Your patients want to feel like you care about them and are paying attention to who they are. When existing patients receive a postcard with a deal for 25% off for first-time customers, they feel unappreciated. They aren’t first-time customers. Bottom line: if they don’t qualify for the offer on the postcard, don’t send it to them.

Rule #3: Don't let your designs get stagnant.

Sending postcards to prospects multiple times is OK. It helps to increase recognition, and farther down the road it will increase your return on investment. However, your postcard offers and designs should be updated as your procedures and services are updated to keep patients informed about what you have to offer them in your practice. If your postcards become too repetitive, they will start to ignore them.

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Author bio
Joy Gendusa is the owner and CEO of direct mail marketing firm, PostcardMania. She started the company in 1998 with nothing but a phone and a computer, never taking a dime of investment capital. PostcardMania originally began as a full-service postcard marketing company, helping clients create turnkey marketing campaigns with graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition, and mailing services. Since then, the company has expanded to offer website and landing page design and development, email marketing, and full marketing evaluations, in addition to educating clients with free marketing advice. Visit for more information.