The Internet -- Shop 'Til You Drop!

Oct. 30, 2001
A listing of the Best Shopping Sites on the wild and wacky World Wide Web!

by Jeff Dalin, DDS

It�s easy to shop online. Click your mouse a few times, fill in your credit card number, and wait for the delivery person to knock on your door in a few days. It�s really that simple!

To aid you in your journey through shopping cyberspace, I have compiled a list of the "Best Shopping Sites" on the wild and wacky World Wide Web. Bookmark these and you will be able to find just about anything you might need or desire:

Best Price Finders:

Price Grabber:

My Simon:

Deal Time:

The sites in the following listing allow you to comparison shop without visiting each retailer�s page.

Best Product Reviews:


Best Auctions:


Best Retailer Ratings:

Reseller Ratings:

Best Place for Consumer Complaints:

Planet Feedback:

Best Shopping Hub:

Yahoo Shopping:

Best Place to Clip Coupons:

Best Bargain Hunting:

Cool Savings:

Best Online Promotions:

EDeal Finder:


Just be careful to watch your bottom lines. Online shopping, with the convenience of not having to drive to the mall, find a parking space, and fight the crowds, can become quite hazardous to your bank balance! Enjoy!