Dentistry Unmasked: Influencers vs. dentists with influence

July 25, 2023
What makes influencers influence, and how do they do it so successfully? Learn how these Four dentists are making a big difference in the lives of their peers.

The latest episode of Dentistry Unmasked is different than the previous ones. It’s a special social influencer edition featuring four of Instagram’s best. Our special guests are Drs. Abdullah Abdelaziz, Faraj Edher, Sunny Virdi, and Tara Aboumahboub. Many of you may already know and follow them, but if not, now is the time to learn about what you’re missing! 

We waste no time asking our guests questions, such as how they got started, why they chose what they feature, how they interact with their peers, what drives them to keep their Instagram accounts so fresh, why it’s important to stay up on the latest dental trends, how they became influencers, tips to get your own account started, and so much more. 

Tune in to learn from four of the industry’s best and sit back and enjoy the ride. We sure did!

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