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Is this e-newsletter for you? Let’s find out . . .

Nov. 12, 2019
If you're interested in the growing trend of practice consolidation, or becoming part of a DSO, read on. This new e-newsletter from the team at Dental Economics is for you.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the “Group Practice and DSO Digest,” a digital publication from the team behind Dental Economics.

Every month we’ll bring you critical content on the opportunities and challenges of operating multiple dental practices. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial dentist who dreams of expanding to new locations, or you’re a well-established DSO, you have recognized that managing more than one practice requires a unique skill set.

We’ll present the latest news and trends, building blocks for growth, advanced management strategies, technologies that aid quality control, and everything else you’ll need to be an expert on the growing trend of practice consolidation.

So, if this new e-newsletter is for you, thank you in advance for giving us some space in your inbox. See you next month!