America's first dentist with a nationally syndicated radio talk show

Feb. 21, 2003
Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS, joins BusinessTalkRadio, Sundays 6-7 p.m. (Eastern), with "This Old Mouth"

This Old Mouth is a call-in radio show dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the human mouth. Your host, Dr. Mitchell Josephs, can be characterized on the same line as Bob Villa of This Old House, "Dr. J of This Old Mouth". When Dr. Josephs began the show, he was driven to be a spokesperson for the dental field. So often, medical issues are all over the media, however topics on dental health have been sorely neglected. "Below the nose and above the chin", Dr. Josephs is committed to answering listener's questions in an informative and entertaining manner.

Dental Myths - Each week, Dr. Josephs begins the show by debunking some of the age-old myths associated with dentistry. One of the favorite myths that always has surprised the show's listeners is what, we at This Old Mouth call the "twice-a-year" myth. Tune in and hear what it is.

Media and Your Teeth - Is a weekly segment where Dr. Josephs comments on recent news stories about dentistry, dental health, and any new dental products, which have recently come into the market. Stories have been shared from USA Today, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and medical trade journals.

Business leaders, celebrities, and television personalities have long known the importance of having an impressive smile in order to succeed. They realize that first impressions are important both professionally and personally. They know that the mouth is the number one feature people notice when meeting someone new. Now, because of improved technology, anyone can enjoy cosmetic dentistry that is painless, natural looking and takes little time to complete.

Dr. Mitchell A. Josephs has a cosmetic and implant dental practice in Palm Beach. A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Josephs completed his dental medicine residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. After completing his residency, he had a practice on Central Park West where he continued to perfect his skills and education in the field of cosmetic dentistry. In 1992, Dr. Josephs obtained his current practice in Palm Beach, Fla.

For more information, contact Dr. Josephs through or or by calling (561) 832-4675.