Office Design Winner

Dental Office Design of the Year: Ridge Pointe Dental of Lincoln, Nebraska

April 24, 2013
Dr. Todd Holden of Ridge Pointe Dental in Lincoln, Neb., captured the Small Practice and Outstanding Achievement in Design Efficiency award

Even as a child, Todd Hohlen knew he wanted to be a doctor. He followed this course of action in college; after shadowing a variety of health-care professionals, his priorities became clear. Todd wanted the opportunity to work with his hands, enhance the health of his patients, and still retain a focus on family life. As a result, he entered the profession of dentistry.

Dr. Hohlen practiced in several offices over the course of the next four years. This experience shaped his vision for how he wanted to practice dentistry. It also fueled his desire to create his own practice in an office built “from scratch,” enabling him to incorporate the latest in dental technology and tailor the environment to his practice philosophy.

Dr. Hohlen wanted to fully accommodate all aspects of a family practice. His office needed to be a setting where patients of all ages felt comfortable and confident in the services provided within, and where doctor and staff alike were excited to come to work each day.

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