New A-dec and W&H handpiece collections

The A-dec|W&H product line now includes three distinct handpiece collections: Synea 500, Synea 400, and Alegra 300.

Adec Handpiece Collections
New from A-dec|W&H are more handpiece choices for a full range of applications, doctor preferences, and budgets. Available in air and electric systems, the entire range of A-dec|W&H handpieces includes advances in fatigue-reducing design, optimal illumination and access, and lower noise and vibration.

The A-dec|W&H product line now includes three distinct handpiece collections: Synea 500, Synea 400, and Alegra 300. For the first time, all three handpiece collections offer daylight-quality LED+ lighting. A-dec|W&H has also improved the warranty on the top of the line Synea 500 and Synea 400 series handpieces, providing a full two years of coverage for added peace of mind.

Synea 500 is the premium offering, featuring peerless technology to create an outstanding tactile and sensory experience for the operator. High-speed or low-speed handpieces include a patented LED+ ring light for a shadow-free illumination, as well as the first-ever electric system comparable to the length of a typical high-speed air handpiece.

The Synea 400 series includes the most varied set of air and electric choices. Noted for extremely responsive power and precision, Synea 400 handpieces are available to fit all leading quick-disconnect handpiece couplers for easy mounting and removal.

At a price point below the two Synea collections, the Alegra 300 series offers an air high-speed handpiece with a unique self-generating light. It’s an advanced “attach and go” concept, which means doctors can add new lighted technology without upgrading their existing delivery system. A pedo or standard Alegra handpiece attaches to any four-, five-, or six-hole tubing. A full line of best-in-class low-speed handpieces completes the Alegra 300 product line.

“For anyone who needed an excuse to try A-dec|W&H quality and experience our shadow-free illumination, this is the time,” says A-dec’s product manager, Kris Christian. “Doctors are ecstatic because we now offer a dependable solution for every preference and every budget.”

As part of a 20-year partnership between A-dec and W&H, the co-brand is recognized for innovation and dependability, a point the organizations take seriously by offering a two-year warranty on all Synea 500, and Synea 400 series handpieces and accessories. A-dec|W&H engineers every handpiece to enhance vision, access, and tactile sensation for the dental professional.

“By expanding our three collections, we’re giving doctors an opportunity to tailor their practice’s handpiece selection specific to what they want to feel, see, and hear while they focus on treating their patients,” says Christian. “Aside from exceptional lighting, access, power output, and low noise, the sum of A-dec|W&H engineering helps connect doctor to procedure for the highest level of patient care.”

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