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Free mobile app helps dental practices reduce no-shows

March 27, 2015
Appointfix is a free Android app that helps independent service providers easily schedule appointments while on the phone with their clients, and reduce no-shows by automatically sending them text message reminders. The app is targeted at health-care professionals and small practices that can't afford to buy or are not able to operate complicated solutions.

Patient no-shows – the never-ending dilemma. No-shows are something all medical offices are concerned about. So how can dental practices actually reduce patient no-shows? There are several solutions out there, but only one seems to be the most effective – appointment reminders.

Introducing Appointfix, a free mobile app that helps dentists easily schedule appointments while on the phone with their clients and reduce no-shows by automatically sending them text message reminders.

How is Appointfix different from other scheduling solutions?
Unlike other scheduling software that is built to be used mainly on computers, Appointfix was built from the ground up with mobile in mind. Appointfix is integrated on the call screen, so while speaking with a patient the user swipes on the app’s icon and will quickly be able to see available times.

The app autofills patients’ information (name and phone number), so all that’s left is to pick a time, choose a service (or leave the default one), and everything is set. Once the appointment is saved, the app takes care of sending text message reminders to the patient. Watch this one-minute video to see how Appointfix works:

How Appointfix came to be
Flavius Saracut, cofounder of Mobiversal, the app development company behind Appointfix, said, “There were at least two situations that led us to building this app. We had a friend who owned a dog grooming business, and many times she was frustrated because clients failed to show up for appointments. She started manually sending text message reminders every evening, which was time consuming."

Saracut continued, "Another situation was when we made appointments with our dentists, there were times they would say, 'Please call me tomorrow when I’m in the office so I can check my appointment book...' It became clear to us that they needed an app that allows them to schedule appointments on their smartphone right when they’re talking with clients, so Appointfix was born.”

Appointfix can be downloaded freely from Google Play and the app’s creators disclosed that there are plans for iPhone and webapp versions too.