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Michael Strahan 's trademark diastema

Oct. 10, 2016
Michael Strahan is proud of his diastema. "It's who I am," he says. He went against protocol and smiled for his NFL Hall of Fame bust.

In 2014 Michael Strahan was enshrined into the National Football League Hall of Fame. All players inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame have a lifelike bust bestowed to them, unveiled during their induction ceremony. When Strahan, the 44-year-old retired pro football player turned media personality, had his bust revealed to the audience a glaring sight was obvious, his diastema.

Michael Strahan poses with his bust at the 2014 NFL Hall of Fame. Photo Credit SB Sports.

Strahan's signature gap between his central incisors was accurately measured by sculptor Blair Buswell. Each year Buswell recommends that inductees not smile when posing for their bust since the teeth are dark brown upon presentation. This recommendation was disregarded by Strahan. He wanted his teeth to be shown, as he proudly smiles and displayed his diastema.

I asked Dr. Michael Apa, a New York City-based cosmetic dentist, in a recent interview what he would recommend Strahan do about his gap if the athlete were to visit his office. Dr. Apa said, "I wouldn't touch it."

When Strahan was asked about his diastema in an Elle magazine interview in 2012, he replied that he had seen several dentists and he would not alter his smile. "It's who I am," he said.

As a dental professional, what would you recommend Strahan do? Comment below.

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Iman Sadri, DDS, is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV. He is a cosmetic dentist and writer. Dr. Sadri is a 2008 graduate of the NYU College of Dentistry and maintains a private practice in Orange County, Calif. He can be reached at [email protected].

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