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The top 5 reasons dentists don’t need an effective recare system

Jan. 4, 2019
In the spirit of sarcasm, dentists don't need an effective recare system, and here are the reasons why.
Maybe it’s the penchant for mid-afternoon lattes or the hilarious monologues people can’t seem to get enough of, but people have recently been watching their fair share of late-night television. This got me thinking about why dentists might not want or need an effective automated recare system.

Listed here for your reading pleasure are the top five reasons dentists are not interested in automating their patient communications:

Reason 5—The best use of my staff’s time is making phone calls.

For dental practices that don’t use automated patient communications, the task of reaching out to patients for general recall and reminders becomes part of the front desk team’s never-ending to-do list. Every moment your team spends making phone call reminders is time they could spend focused on other priorities, such as patient billing, claims management, medical charts, and of course, the patients in your waiting room. On average, dentists save approximately one week’s worth of work with automated recall and reminder software. What could your team do with that time?

Reason 4—Lost revenue is my thing.

An effective automated recare system helps dental practices keep more revenue—bottom line (pun intended). The right system reduces no-shows with timely appointment reminders sent via patients’ preferred communication method, whether it’s text, email, phone, or postcard, and it reactivates dormant patients with targeted outreach campaigns. The result is an increase in the percent of active patients, which translates to more revenue for your practice. But hey, if lost revenue is your “thing,” we won’t judge. (OK, maybe we’ll judge just a little.)

Reason 3—Empty chairs make me smile.

Last-minute cancellations can wreak havoc on the busiest of schedules. One minute your hygienists are hoping to fit in a 15-minute lunch, and the next they’re counting the toothbrush supply for the fifth time. While cancellations are par for the course, an automated recare system can greatly reduce the impact to your practice. A recare system with a group text feature allows your team to quickly notify listed patients about unexpected openings, which helps to fill last-minute holes in the schedule.

Reason 2—Accommodating patients is not our priority.

In a recent Hanover Research study, 80%of patients said they preferred text or email reminders to phone calls. Contacting patients via their preferred communication method is an effortless way to accommodate their needs. It also reinforces your practice’s high-tech image and reduces no-shows.

Reason 1—We’re OK with patients slipping through the cracks.

Whether it’s an automated recare system with limited outreach methods or a distracted front desk staff, chances are you’re not reaching 100% of your patients. If you’re comfortable rolling the dice on which patients receive regular communications and which do not, then feel free to skip ahead. On the other hand, if you understand the importance of consistent patient communication in keeping your practice top-of-mind and strengthening patient relationships, ensure your recare system checks all the boxes. This means email and text options, as well as automated phone calls for patients without a mobile number or email address on file. Also, don’t forget postcard options for patients who prefer a hard copy reminder. (Direct mail is also a great way to send birthday and holiday greetings.)

In summary, the only dental practices that need an automated recare system are those that want to increase team productivity, revenue generation, and patient satisfaction. Are you still not sure if your practice needs a new recare system? Check out our latest white paper, Ineffective Recare: The Black Hole of Recurring Revenues for tips on how to determine if an automated recare system is right for your practice.

Still have questions? Reach out to an internet marketing advisor from ProSites at (888) 932-3644. Our team is happy to discuss your practice needs. PracticeMojo, ProSites’ automated patient communication solution, can help you meet your goals.