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Here are the dental podcasts I’m listening to . . .

March 5, 2020
Podcasts are here to stay, and there are many good ones designed for dental professionals. Here are a few that Dr. Chris Salierno listens to and recommends to his peers.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

We are now a few years into the dental podcast revolution, and the community seems to be growing strong. This community of intrepid broadcasters even has their own conference—the Voices of Dentistry Podcasting Summit—which I attended, and I loved.

Here’s a quick roundup of the dental podcasts that I keep in my regular rotation, in alphabetical order.

The Dental Clinical Companion

In his new podcast, internationally renowned endodontist Richard Mounce, DDS, covers a variety of clinical and management topics.

The Dental Hacks Podcast

They developed one of the original dental podcasts, and now Drs. Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb’s ideas have grown into a media empire. It consists of the incredibly popular podcast, a massive Facebook group called Dental Hacks Nation (it’s gotten so large that there are few splinter groups as well), a marketing accelerator called Dental Hacks Academy, and a show-within-a-show called “The Clinical Hacks,” hosted by Drs. Zachary Meiners, Mac Jones, and Kevin Fryer.

The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Mark Costes, DDS, leads one of the longest-running dental podcasts. His show is focused on practice management and leadership and features interviews with experts and clips from his lectures.

The Dentist Money Show

Reese Harper is a financial planner who wants to teach you about money. This is a show about how your practice can generate more cash and how you can invest that cash more wisely.

Dentists, Implants and Worms

Justin Moody, DDS, Gabe Olson, Jeff Smith, and John Landers, DDS, (collectively known as “The Worms”) don’t want you to take the dental world too seriously. Their show features relaxed and humorous interviews that make you feel like you’re hanging out with your friends at a local study club.

The Relentless Dentist

Dr. David Maloley’s podcast is laser-focused on the business of dentistry. His shows feature interviews and deep dives into dental practice management and broader business principles.

The Shared Practices Podcast

Richard Low, DMD, organizes practice management interviews into distinct curricula, which allows listeners to receive more comprehensive coverage on a subject.

A Tale of Two Hygienists

Hygienists Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston cover every aspect of the RDH life, from clinical tips to career advice to interviews with leaders in the greater dental community.

Tooth or Dare

Hygienists Irene Iancu and Katrina Sanders tackle topics of interest to their fellow RDHs as well as the whole dental profession.

Working Interferences

Drs. Josh Austin and Lance Timmerman host a PG-13 podcast (that is sometimes rated R). It’s an advice show for embarrassing and strange questions. When you need a good laugh, and if you’re not easily offended, this is the show for you.

Your Dental Success

Marketing is about a lot more than just buying some ads. Mike Pedersen is an expert in the field and his show covers all aspects of making your practice unique and attractive to patients.


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Chris Salierno, DDS, is the chief editor of Dental Economics and the editorial director of the Principles of Practice Management and Group Practice and DSO Digest e-newsletters. He is also a contributing author for DentistryIQ and Perio-Implant Advisory. He lectures and writes about practice management and clinical dentistry. Additional content is available on his blog for dentists at thecuriousdentist.com. Dr. Salierno maintains a private general practice in Melville, New York. You may contact him by e-mail at [email protected].