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Your practice vision: Don’t mess it up!

March 11, 2021
You must be firmly behind your practice vision in order for your team members to help you achieve it.

Jeanette Kern, DDS

How does the right practice vision impact your life journey, and how do most people mess this up? Life is a journey and having a clear vision for your dental practice is crucial to getting the results you’d like.

When we’re children, our parents have a vision for us, and they try to lead us in the right direction. They make sacrifices so we can go to the right schools, and they give us opportunities to develop our talents. What I’m saying is that many of us experienced vision and goal setting through others when we are young.

As adults, we decide in which direction we want our talents and interests to take us. When you graduated from dental school, you became seriously and solely responsible for your career choices. This is when your five-year vision may have been murky or clear. For most, the first few years out of school are spent honing clinical skills and learning the workings of a dental practice.

Being a practice owner is a big step in a dental career and new way of life. It’s the time to develop a crystal-clear vision about how you want to run your business. Clinically, you’ve developed a philosophy of care for your patients, which is your vision for them. As a manager, you may have a vision for your dream team. Are you the leader that your team needs, and have you shared your practice vision with them?

Don’t blow your opportunity to become clear and focused about what you want your practice to be. As the owner/leader you must be able to communicate your vision of a successful dental experience for your patients, as well as the ideal team culture that you want. Once you’ve got the picture in your own mind, develop goals and systems to help you achieve what you want. Find mentors, explore continuing education opportunities, and make your business vision a priority.

Jeanette Kern, DDS, was a nationally recognized expert in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She taught at the UCLA and the USC Schools of Dentistry. She spent more than 40 years in the dental industry as a hygienist, associate, and practice owner, and her unique perspective helps current dentists grow their practices profitably through the Profitable Dental Academy. Dr. Kern was an active county director on the Monterey Bay Dental Society Board and continues to be a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Dental Association, and the California Dental Association. In 2018, Dr. Kern sold her practice in Monterey, California.