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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: If goal setting is so popular, why are people so bad at it?

March 10, 2015
Many dental practices set goals, but often are unable to achieve them. Why are people so bad at making their goals reality? Here are some helpful tips from Pride Institute that may help your practice actually achieve and even surpass those elusive goals.
People love to set goals. It makes them feel like they're actually accomplishing something. Athletes set goals to win competitions. Students set goals to graduate. Business owners set goals to increase revenue. From everyday to-do lists to New Year’s resolutions, goal setting is part of the human experience. People need something to strive for, something where they can focus their energy and effort.

So if goal setting is so ingrained in human nature, why are most people so bad at it? Perhaps it’s the way we approach it. Try these ideas to gain a fresh perspective on setting your goals.

How to get better at setting and reaching goals

Size matters – Too many big goals can be overwhelming. Try the “start small” approach. Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time.
Make it persona
– Ask yourself why you want something vs. why someone else thinks you should want it. Personalizing your goals make them easier to achieve.
Sharpen your pencil
– When something is written down, priorities become clear. If the goals aren’t worth the time or effort to record, maybe they’re not worth the time and effort to achieve.
Create an environment
A physical environment can remind you how daily tasks add up to achieving long-term goals. Use posters or a computer calendar to create visual reminders.
Stay on course
Even Columbus referred to his maps more than once per journey. Periodically checking your progress allows you to rechart your course or timeline.
Put it on the line
Sharing goals in public with family, friends, and coworkersmeans public accountability. Pride can be a great motivator.
Get help
– Success is always easier to find with support. Talking to people about business and personal goals gets them on board by boosting morale and providing tangible support.

Success isn’t achieved by accident. Planning ahead is what successful people have always done to get what they want out of life.

P.S. No elephants were hurt in the writing of this article.

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