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Flourishing in Changing Times: How to move your dental practice forward with the right goals

Feb. 3, 2015
It's not too late to start the new year right with the proper goals and mindset to get things done.

Setting goals for the New Year can be very motivating, and it’s not too late to get going. To move forward, one should strive for new skills, a higher collection meaning lower overhead, and a stronger direction of leadership.

How did 2014 measure in your practice? Are you pleased, or is “the economy” still your excuse? Make sure this year shows an increase in profitability by being more efficient with your time, increasing your sales conversations, and possessing strong and excited leadership.

If you’re bumping along with some $10K days but usually $2,500 days, including hygiene, you need to get organized. What will be your annual increase in collections for this year? If you've done some $5K days, why do two $2,500 days?

Look at 2015 with your team. How many days will you work and what will be your daily office goal? What will hygiene produce? What will be the doctor goal, and how much can be accomplished by lunch each day?

How do you create $5K and $10K days? Focus, intention, increased sales skills, the right team members, being accountable each day, and having patients who are committed by paying their portion in advance and being open to “same day dentistry.” This means the patient is here and we are here, so let’s get it done!

Coaching during the morning huddle is essential. Everyone should know the daily goal. Impassioned leadership and team accountability must be present.

The opportunity is here to start creating a different culture in your practice. Set the goal, believe it will happen, make the changes necessary to make it happen, learn the sales skills, create the new excitement about your community and patients, and focus on the positive.

Becoming a good practice owner and having a successful practice comes one day at a time. Become the leader your team is looking for, and make your goals become a reality.

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Dr. Bill Blatchford, America’s premier dental business coach, recently celebrated his 70th birthday. He is CEO of Blatchford Solutions, which helps dentists to be more profitable and efficient with increased net and more time off. He has written three books, produced DVDs, and does Mornings With Bill. Contact him at [email protected],, or 866-977-4600.