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Does your dental practice have effective systems in place? (VIDEO)

Sept. 23, 2016
It's important for dentists to have proper systems in place so that their practice will run more smoothly and profitably.

Do you have systems that work for your practice? Is your front office staff trained to answer the phones properly? Do you have solid billing practices in place? Are your new patient visits handled the same effective way each time?

This list goes on. The importance of strong systems in your practice in all areas cannot be stressed enough. Dr. Michael Kesner, a regular columnist in Dental Economics, chats with Dr. Chris Salierno in the latest DE's Recall Visit video. Dr. Kesner shares why systems are important. He says they will not only keep your practice consistent, but profitable as well. Most systems should become second nature to team members.

He said writing down these systems is helpful so staff members can refer to them. But another method Dr. Kesner has found both helpful and "humbling" is recording staff members, both before and after systems are put in place. When a dentist or staff member sees what he or she is doing incorrectly, it's often easier to change the behavior with a new sytem in place.

Watch what else Dr. Kesner discusses with Dr. Salierno in this video.

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