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Ninja Dentist Fitness: Posture and physique exercise—VIDEO

June 13, 2016
Dr. Desiree Walker, also known as the Ninja Dentist, shares her exercise expertise with her peers to help them avoid pain on the job. Good posture is important, and in this month's video she demonstrates a posture exercise you can do on the job, and she also issues a challenge.

Dr. Desiree Walker, the popular Ninja Dentist, experienced a lot of pain on the job when she started dental school. She knew she didn't want to give up her new career, so she took action to solve her problem and made time for exercising.

She shares what she learned with her peers in a series of videos, Ninja Dentist Fitness. Simple exercises she said dentists can do in their office between patients can help them avoid pain and stay in shape to practice dentistry until they're ready to retire.

In this month's video Dr. Walker acknowledges that someone might be in shape, but if they don't have good posture, they really aren't as healthy as they believe. Watch this exercise to find out how to improve your posture. When practiced with her previous two exercises, dentists will feel fit in no time.

Ninja Dentist: Exercises to keep you healthy on the job (VIDEO)
Ready to get your beach body on? The Ninja Dentist can help! (VIDEO)

Watch until the end. Dr. Walker wants to know how in shape her fellow dentists are, so she is presenting a challenge to her peers to submit videos demonstrating what they do to stay in shape and avoid pain on the job. The best way to submit a video is via DIQ's Facebook page.

To upload your video to DIQ:
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