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Conquer the complexity of dental practice marketing systems

Oct. 7, 2016
Dental practice management systems do not need to be awkward. MMG Fusion has developed the first and only “all-in-one” management and marketing software solution that's receiving rave reviews from dentists.

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Are you looking for the right software solution to manage, market, and grow your practice to new heights? Well, look no more.

For years, dentists have benefited from using “practice management software solutions" (Dentrix, SoftDent, PracticeWorks, Eaglesoft) to manage their patient records for both clinical needs and financial tracking. While there are differences between practice management systems, they all perform critical functions that dentists need to run their practices day-to-day and provide patient care. At the same time, dentists are placing an increasingly high priority on maximizing and managing their patient relationships, marketing their practice, and attracting new patients.

Historically, dental practices have relied on agencies, consultants, and a variety of traditional approaches to assist with marketing and growing their patient base. Then the internet changed the world as we know it, and with it came a whole new range of options for businesses to engage with potential and existing customers. New channels for reaching patients and “marketing management software” solutions for dentists materialized, seemingly overnight. Many solutions have carved out a niche in the patient marketing and engagement arena, but few have delivered on their “do it all” promises.

“The local optimization results my practice has received from MMG Fusion have been great. When someone searches Google locally we are ranking No. 1 under 'Dentist Olney' and No. 1 under 'Cosmetic Dentist Olney.'” Dr. Deborah Y. Kim, Olney Dental Group, Olney, Maryland.

Instead of making a dentist’s life easier, everything has become more confusing. It can be necessary to use services from three, four, five, or even more marketing companies to provide appointment reminders, call tracking, social media, and local SEO and PPC (pay-per-click), not to mention the nightmare of managing multiple logins and passwords. Every service has a different dashboard and they typically do not interact with practice management systems, let alone with each other. MMG Fusion’s founders recognized this challenge, analyzed what dentists really need, and asked a series of “what if’s."

What if you could have one program that brings everything together?
What if you want to try just a few specific tools?
What if you could track the ROI for every patient interaction, new and existing?
What if you could book appointments online and fill your chair openings using software?
What if your practice management and marketing systems were truly integrated in a way that made your life simpler?

“When we first started using MMG Fusion’s rating and review tools we had a local optimization score of 58%. We currently have a score of 99%. We ranked No. 18 under the search term 'Dentist Cookesville, TN' and now we're ranked No. 2 on Google under 'General Dentist, Cookesville, TN.' We started at No. 10, and are now up to No. 1 on Google!" Dr. Jerald Bryant and Tonya Bryant, practice administrator, Maple Lead Implant and General Dentistry, Cookesville, Tennessee.

After devoting hundreds of hours to conduct research with dentists, MMG Fusion has developed the first and only “all-in-one” management and marketing software solution. MMG Fusion is equipped with all the right tools to help dentists stay in touch with their patients and attract new ones. With a single sign-on to one dashboard that is seamlessly integrated with their practice management software, dentists have everything at their fingertips, including robust and easy-to-understand reporting.

MMG Fusion’s tools include many easy-to-use features, such as:
Appointment reminders
Online scheduling
Reputation management
Reviews (negative review removal) and ratings
Local SEO and directories (get to the top of your local listings)
Social media
Email marketing (use your library of content to engage with new leads and existing patients and increase conversions)
Call recording/call analysis
Marketing tracker (track every marketing program back to specific patient revenue and learn what campaigns and tactics are working).

Paul Intlekofer, CEO and chief architect of MMG Fusion, says, “MMG Fusion keeps dentists connected to their patients, highly visible online, and presented in the best possible light. It improves their local search rankings and listings dramatically on Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, and other directories. When prospective patients come across our customers’ offices in Google search results, the review tool helps attract them with positive reviews. Our social media tools make the process of posting content across multiple sites fast and easy. The call analysis and call recording tools let you know what is happening with your calls and how to improve your front desk’s conversion rate. With marketing tracker, the practice will know what is happening with every marketing dollar spent and can tie that spend to conversions and patient revenue. Dentists can finally make decisions they feel good about.”

“Using MMG Fusion’s marketing tracker tool I went from an average of 12 new patients per month to 37 new patients per month in one year. I was finally able to see the actual number of patients and revenue generated from each marketing campaign. Call analysis is a great tool to see where the lifeline of my practice—the phone—is costing opportunities. I’ve learned that measuring and tracking marketing is part of the puzzle, but if we aren’t able to convert these opportunities or dig into the reasons why we are losing people on the phone, we can’t get better. I’ve increased my overall conversions from new leads to patients from 11% to 27% on average.” Dr. Matthew Martin, Martin Dentistry, Indianapolis.

A panel of industry experts awarded MMG Fusion with the prestigious Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award for 2016. This award further validates the distinguishing features, tools, and flexibility that separate MMG Fusion from other software programs in the dental space. MMG Fusion was lauded by the panel as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing solution. The panel appreciated that a dentist has the option to scale up from a single tool to a comprehensive integrated suite of tools that meet all the needs of an evolving and growing practice.

“It was obvious that a significant amount of time and resources were spent in research and development of MMG Fusion,” said Dr. Lou Shuman, founder and creator of the Cellerant “Best of Class” technology awards. “Testimonial to that is the ease of use in integrating the MMG Fusion tools into a practice’s day-to-day routine while accommodating the breadth of capabilities needed to drive a modern practice today.”

In one place, with one password, dentists can now easily manage, market, and grow any size practice. Dentists can master practice marketing complexity and seize opportunities with MMG Fusion.

Paul Intlekofer is the CEO of MMG Fusion and president of SFP Capital Partners.

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