Dentists: Your poor, poor inbox …

It's no secret that the email inboxes of dentists can overflow with items, both useful and not-so-useful. What do you choose to actually read? We need your input!

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Does your email inbox look like a war zone every day? I get e-newsletters from companies I never remember doing business with. You stay at a hotel one time and now they want to be lifelong pen pals.

Look, I’d like to help you cut through the junk. I appreciate that you have been subscribing to DE’s Expert Tips & Tricks, and I want it to be an e-newsletter you are excited to read every two weeks.

Expert Tips & Tricks was the first e-newsletter launched by Dental Economics. Now we have a whole fleet that includes DE’s Breakthrough Clinical, The Product Navigator, Perio-Implant Advisory, and the Dental Academy of Continuing Education (DACE). Each brings exclusively digital content to your inbox that has been carefully curated by a dentist. Drs. Joshua Austin, Pamela Maragliano-Muñiz, Stacey Simmons, Scott Froum, and Ian Shuman have their fingerprints all over them.

It’s time for DE's Expert Tips & Tricks to be relaunched. I invite you to complete this survey so we can learn about what you’d like to see. And feel free to email me at if you have even more opinions to share.



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