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Ninja Dentist: Exercises to keep you healthy on the job (VIDEO)

April 7, 2016
Desiree Walker, DDS, starts a new video series where she shares exercises to help dental professionals avoid the pain that can be associated with working in dentistry.

Desiree Walker, DDS, did not have the most ideal start to her career. In an article she wrote for Dental Econonics last year, she opened with: "My first two years in dental school I spent holding back tears. I knew dental school was going to be a challenge, but one thing I was not expecting was physical pain. I had expected sleep deprivation from studying and mental fatigue, but not physical pain at the intense level I felt. The pain radiated from my neck, shoulders, and upper back. It was sharp, piercing, and constant. I could not concentrate in class or clinic. It was draining the life out of me. I just wanted to lie flat on my back, close my eyes, and wish it would all go away."

This gymnast-turned-dentist knew she had to come up with a solution. She loved dentistry too much to throw in the towel. She's known top physical shape. How could she get her body to cooperate again?

After consulting with many experts, Dr. Walker figured out her pain was due to "immobility and the lack of proper movement." She conquered her discomfort, and even went on to compete in "American Ninja Warrior" reality TV competition.

She wants to spare her peers from the pain she went through. In this new video series, she shares exercises that have gotten her through. Need a good stretch anyone?

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