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It’s Stress Awareness Month: 21 stress management techniques that get results

April 1, 2016
It's no secret that dental professionals deal with a lot of stress in their lives—handing patients, staff, technology, and general daily chaos. In observance of Stress Awareness Month this April, here are 21 proven techniquesto help dental professionals get a handle on some of that stress.

Tim Benjamin is the founder of the Fear of Flying School, which helps people deal with their stress when it's time to get on an airplane. Many of the school's techniques apply to everyday life. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, Mr. Benjamin compiled an infographic of 21 techniques he recommends, complete with the websites to back up each reommendation.

Are you interested in stress management techniques that work? If so, today’s your lucky day. This infographic from the Fear of Flying School shares 21 stress management and relaxation techniques, each of which has withstood the scrutiny of rigorous clinical research.

In other words, this stuff works.

At least, it works in a research environment. But the acid test is whether it works for you. Of course the only way you can find out is to try these techniques for yourself. Then see what, if any, impact they have on your stress and anxiety levels.

When you do, remember that some will probably yield results faster than others. For example, going for a jog can make you feel more relaxed almost instantly. In contrast, it might take you days or weeks to feel the calming effects of quitting tobacco.

Lastly, if you try any of these techniques, start with a realistic sense of what you can achieve. After all, none of them are going to make you feel 100% calm 24/7. But that’s fine. In fact, it’s great. After all, if you could cut your stress levels by, say, 10%, that would noticeably boost your sense of wellbeing and your quality of life.

Don’t waste anymore time. Get started today!