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Attack of the Ninjas!

May 9, 2016
Dr. Chris Salierno discusses when he first met Dr. Desiree Walker. He was so impressed with her ideas that he and Dr. Walker have developed a video series for DentistryIQ.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

Let me tell you how I met Dr. Desiree Walker. I was lecturing at a New Dentist Conference in North Carolina a few years ago. While catching up with old friends, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. A young woman was scaling a 30-foot stone fireplace … in high heels. I think it was a dare.

Desiree is a remarkable dentist. She competed on NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior. She owns a gorgeous practice in Lumberton, North Carolina. She’s a terrific writer. And she has a passion for keeping her colleagues healthy.

I had her write a few articles for Dental Economics right after we met. Last month we started a new video series, “Ninja Dental Fitness,” sponsored by Pelton and Crane. She shares quick exercise tips that you can do in your office, which is brilliant. We’re all pretty busy folks, so we need to squeeze in well-being wherever we can. Desiree calls this philosophy “fitness between fillings,” and I think she’s really on to something.

Desiree had a scary moment in dental school, which she wrote about in her first article for DE. I’ve had mine as well; aching necks and backs are all too common in our profession. So I hope you get inspired by Dr. Walker’s series and start stretching in your scrubs. Let’s make our generation of dentists a healthier one. Release your inner ninja warrior!