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Ready to get your beach body on? The Ninja Dentist can help! (VIDEO)

May 9, 2016
Desiree Walker, DDS, shares her exercises with her fellow dentists to help them avoid pain on the job. Her new series is called Ninja Dentist, and her hope is to get her peers into shape.

From her office, Dr. Desiree Walker, who’s become well known as the Ninja Dentist, shares exercises to help dentists stay fit and pain-free on the job in what she calls “Fitness Between Fillings.” She has created a series of exercises that dentists can do right in their offices between patients, and she shares them in her new video series.

Dr. Walker not only wants to help her fellow dentists stay pain-free on the job, but the exercises in this particular video will also help them prepare and tone for swimsuit season.

In this month’s five-minute circuit she’s nicknamed the “Beach Body Circuit,” Dr. Walker demonstrates how to tone your abs, legs, and gluts. She demonstrates and explains the best way to do the exercises for the maximum benefit.

Dr. Walker became the Ninja Dentist after suffering her own setbacks at the beginning of her career. She suffered so much pain early on that she wondered if she’d even be able to continue to pursue dentistry.

Not wanting to give up on the career choice she loved, she became proactive, and the Ninja Dentist was born. Now she hopes that performing these exercises will help other dentists avoid the pain she experienced. If they’re already experiencing pain, these exercises will help.

Watch the “Beach Body Circuit” to start toning!

Watch the first video in the series here. Watch the second video below.