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Presentation Cites Low Stress Rate for Venus Diamond Composite

Nov. 18, 2011
Review of clinical studies suggest that contraction stresses are inevitable but minimized with Venus Diamond composite.
SOUTH BEND — The recently completed 4th International Heraeus Symposium featured a presentation entitled “Clinical Relevance and Measurement of the Contraction Stress Generation in Photopolymerizing Dental Composites.” The presentation, by Jack L. Ferracane, PhD., Professor and Chair at Oregon Health and Science University, was one of 14 presentations given to an audience of 68 key opinion leaders at a four-day symposium sponsored by Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics. Dr. Ferracane explained that light curing of dental composites tends to produce a volumetric contraction that generates significant stress of the tooth-restoration bond. This stress may compromise the adhesion and sealing of dental composite restorations. Dr. Ferracane reviewed several clinical studies that measured contraction stress for various dental composite brands using different testing systems.His key conclusions:• Contraction stresses are inevitable with current dental composites, producing stress on adhesively bonded interfaces.• Contraction stress is affected by composite formulation, and increases with increased shrinkage, stiffness and curing rates, as well as in more confined cavity geometries.• The magnitude of measured contraction stresses is dependent upon the testing system.• Venus Diamond has shown one of the lowest stress magnitudes in different testing systems.In one study coauthored by Dr. Ferracone, Venus Diamond recorded the lowest stress among five composite brands tested at both 40s and 300s levels.“As Dr. Ferracane’s presentation clearly demonstrates, contraction stress can reduce the integrity and longevity of many dental restorations,” said Sonny Serreno, Heraeus’ Director of Scientific and Clinical Affairs who oversaw the planning of the symposium in concert with his counterparts at Heraeus’ Hanau, Germany global headquarters. “Fortunately, our five years of extensive research have produced a patented chemistry that allows Venus Diamond to exhibit minimal shrinkage stress, which makes it ideal for both direct and indirect restorations.”Venus Diamond embodies a true balance of science and esthetics based on a patented cross-linked polymer matrix. The optimal physical properties of Venus Diamond offer a composite that truly performs in every category with low shrinkage stress, unique handling, exceptional strength and durability, and perfect color adaptation.For more information on Heraeus or its products, call (800) 431-1785 or visit

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