Halloween Tooth

Marketing guide assists dental practices with Halloween campaigns

Any size dental practice can develop and implement a lively and effective Halloween campaign. SmartPractice has developed a comprehensive guide that outlines how.

According to the new Halloween Marketing Guide from SmartPractice, a Halloween campaign can range from a simple reminder postcard to an office event. The guide features campaign ideas, tips for promoting a campaign and helpful marketing recommendations.

“Every year, practices ask us for tips on Halloween campaigns for their offices,” remarks Kristin Uhles, SmartPractice Marketing Director. “To make it easier for offices, we created a Halloween Marketing Guide to help dental practices plan and implement successful Halloween campaigns. It is a very valuable marketing tool with best practices that any office can easily put into action and see results.” The guide also depicts a couple of solutions to address excessive candy in householdsduring Halloween.

Additionally, the new guide contains a collection of approaches to partner with parents and community members through a Halloween campaign. A successfully executed campaign can generate positive publicity, position a practice as a health care provider that the community can rely on and negate the perception that visits to the dentist are scary.

To obtain a copy of the SmartPractice Halloween Marketing Guide for dental practices, offices can visit smartpractice.com/jump

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