Aspida offers HIPAA-compliant email, software for dentists

Company’s products help dental practices align their technology with HIPAA laws

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Aspida, a provider of compliance security products and services exclusively for dental practices, has launched several new products that meet and exceed the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules. These new laws help strengthen the privacy and security measures at dental practices across the country.

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One component of the HIPAA regulations requires all dental practices to have HIPAA-compliant encrypted e-mail when transmitting Personal Health Information (PHI). Aspida Mail accomplishes this and offers simplicity and affordability without compromising security. The product offers dental practices:
• Simple implementation into most existing practice management software
• Archiving, retention and back-up of all e-mail for six years
• Best in class spam and malware protection
• Compatibility with devices

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Aspida has also released HIPAA-compliant security and compliance software – Aspida Enterprise and Aspida Wall.

Aspida Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for protecting and managing a dental practice’s technology and data systems. Virtually compatible with any network, this HIPAA-compliant management system boasts a managed firewall to protect user’s data, encrypted email to safeguard and preserve digital messages, remote access, cloud backup storage and more.

Aspida’s globally managed firewall appliance provides control, accessibility and security to today’s dental practices. Capable of protecting an organization’s applications and data across both wired and wireless networks, the tool features HIPAA-compliant protection, perimeter security of the entire network, secure remote access, secure wireless access for guests or patients and more.

“Our new products will help dental practices achieve HIPAA compliance,” said Jimmy Georgiou, president and founder of SolutionStart. “When our clients invest in Aspida, they are not only purchasing a quality product, but they also are gaining peace of mind. That’s because every detail of our products was created with a dental practice’s specific technological needs in mind.”

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