3 tools for optimizing your day with practice management software

Feb. 23, 2012
While you may well use your practice management software to help keep your office running more smoothly and increase productivity, you may be unaware of some of the advanced scheduling features that can help you fully maximize time for every staff member in your practice, every day. Jenny Allen goes over three tools you can use to optimize your day.
By Jenny Allen, Certified Patterson Technology Advisor Dental professionals are well aware that practice management software can help increase productivity and keep the entire office running more smoothly. What some offices may not have discovered are all of the advanced features their software has to offer. For example, Eaglesoft 16 Practice Management Software offers several scheduling features that can help you fully maximize time for every staff member, every day ...1. Custom time unitsThis practice management software provides the flexibility to change time units at will (instead of being limited to 10- or 15-minute blocks), and to change them as often as needed. The time units can be changed in five-minute increments, helping offices schedule more precisely and eliminate wasted time. This can be a very powerful tool for increasing productivity, or just for maintaining flexibility for different procedures and staff members.2. TemplatesPractice management consultants are increasingly recommending the use of scheduling templates to help offices organize their schedules in a logical and profitable way. By looking at your schedule and determining the kind of appointments you need to meet your production goals, you can set up a template that helps guide the rest of the practice staff in scheduling. With this tool, offices can “schedule smart” for maximum profitability, instead of just filling in holes in the schedule at random. 3. Find free timeThe “find free time” feature is a pop-up window that users can dock on their schedule and refer to for a running list of their next available appointment times. With this tool, instead of looking at the schedule one day at a time to find holes, users can see at a glance when their next opening is. Make sure your practice management software gives you the tools you need to maximize productivity and minimize time wasted “clicking and mousing” around the schedule. These three tools are great jumping-off points to bring more efficiency into your practice. For more information about Eaglesoft 16, click here.Author bioJenny Allen is a regional technology advisor for Patterson Dental. She has extensive experience in dental practice management and has been an Eaglesoft trainer for more than six years. She lives in Portland, Ore., and is responsible for training Patterson’s field technology advisors in three western regions. Jenny frequently presents advanced educational webinars and on-site training for both Patterson customers and employees.