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Awrel releases enterprise version of HIPAA-compliant texting app

June 28, 2017
New version of HIPAA-compliant texting application to help large dental practices, labs, and device companies reduce risk when sharing protected health information. 

New version of HIPAA-compliant texting application to help large dental practices, labs, and device companies reduce risk when sharing protected health information.

Awrel, a Boston-based dental software-as-a-service provider, recently released Awrel Enterprise, a new enterprise version of its HIPAA-compliant texting and desktop solution. The solution meets demand from corporate dental practices, dental labs, and dental device companies who are seeking to speed information exchange and enhance workflow.

The first-of-its-kind Awrel solution overcomes risks of violating HIPAA law when texting protected health information via native Apple and Android texting environments. Organizations can use Awrel simultaneously in a synchronized way on both mobile and desktop devices to create new efficiencies for information sharing, collaboration, and storage.

Awrel Enterprise provides an intuitive, HIPAA-compliant framework for administrators to easily create and manage a secure corporate network where multiple users share and archive text messages, documents, photos, CT-scans, STL files, and all types of dental digital files. It provides an administrative console to add and delete users, define user permissions, create groups (for messaging and alerts), and create topics (to categorize information).

“We’ve had great feedback from hundreds of dentists now using Awrel across dental offices, and we’ve done significant work with dental laboratories and dental device manufacturers,” said Arnold Rosen, DDS, Awrel CEO and a practicing prosthodontist who founded Awrel in May 2016. “With our new enterprise platform, these entities can quickly and cost-effectively address privacy requirements while also impacting their bottom lines as they refine cumbersome, time-intensive business and clinical workflows.”

Large dental practices use Awrel to exchange information across sites, labs use Awrel to speed interaction with referring dentists, and device companies use Awrel to support product development and deployment. Awrel Enterprise can be custom branded, offering private-label opportunities for corporations to secure new revenue streams.

“When considering the value chain in dentistry, we must factor in the efficiency of more instantaneous communication and collaboration. Despite advances in information technology, our industry faces unnecessary delays because most dental professionals are tethered to tedious HIPAA-compliant desktop systems. Some resort to the familiarity of native smart phone texting,” said Claudio Levato, DDS, a practicing dentist and thought leader in dental technology integration. “When we text to speed a process, we break federal law. Awrel was founded to address this issue. Productivity can be increased and outcomes can be improved.”

In addition to enabling peer-to-peer communication and collaboration among dental professionals, the Awrel app can enhance patient engagement and customer satisfaction by enabling practitioner-to-patient text exchanges. Awrel is built on a platform that enables ready integration with practice management systems, EHRs, and third-party systems. The company offers 30-day free trials at

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