Holt Dental

Feb. 20, 2012
Company receives GSA contract.

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin--Holt Dental Supply has announced that it has created a special markets division whose focus is to provide value to government, schools, and corporate accounts.

Holt Dental Supply has launched the division to serve the growing needs of this nontraditional dental market segment.

Holt Dental Supply’s president Paul Holt said, “We are excited to receive our GSA contract, and are thrilled at the opportunity to bring our service-centered approach to this group of dental professionals.”

Vatech America, Holt Dental Supply establish dealer partnership

This division will be focused on providing service and value to the following markets:

* Federal and state governments
* Corporate accounts and large dental practices
* Educational facilities and institutions

Holt Dental Supply is known for bringing knowledge and reliability to dental relationships.

For more information, go to www.holtdentalsupply.com.

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