Company introduces pricing program for cost-effective digital imaging

Jan. 11, 2007
Program is ideally suited for young dentists who are building a practice or who are interested in an entry level digital or film-based unit.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. has announced that it will offer a new "pay per exposure" pricing program to give dentists the power of digital imaging without the usual capital investment associated with the purchase of a digital unit.

Sirona will launch its new ORTHOPHOS XG3 PPE program at the American Dental Association tradeshow in October.

Ideally suited for young dentists building a practice or dentists who are interested in an entry level digital or film-based unit, the ORTHOPHOS XG3 PPE offers significant benefits to the user that are not available with film-based imaging.

These include Direct Digital scans in less than 30 seconds; no waste or chemical procedures and costs; better workflow, illustration and analysis capabilities; and, more comprehensive diagnostics capabilities--all resulting in better, faster patient care.

"The PPE program offers the market a completely new avenue for buying and benefiting from direct digital imaging," said John Smithson, marketing director for Sirona USA Imaging Systems. "We're putting the power of digital in the hands of the dentist who may not be in a position to invest in a digital imaging system, but who needs the speed, ease, workflow, and diagnostics capabilities of digital. This is an exciting new program," added Smithson.

Initially offered by Sirona as an entry level panoramic unit with a base price similar to a film system, the ORTHOPHOS XG3 PPE is a variation of Sirona's ORTHOPHOS XG 3 DS panoramic unit. Users can enjoy the option to purchase and use digital exposures, on a 'pay as you go basis', similar to an exposure debit card.

"Not only is our PPE program attractive to dentists, it is easy to implement," said Smithson. "Sirona recognizes the challenges dentists face today, in managing time, building successful practices, and making technology choices-- all while providing the best patient care they can. With PPE, Sirona is offering an innovative and cost-effective approach to meeting these challenges."