2013 Ohio dental assisting salary survey

Sept. 23, 2013
2013 dental assisting salaries for Ohio.

2013 Ohio dental assisting salary survey

(National averages or percentages are in the parentheses to allow for comparison)

  • Most common hourly rates: $14, $22 ($18)
  • % who earn $30 or more an hour: 4% (6%)
  • % who last received a raise more than a year ago: 70% (56%)
  • % who believe raises occur at fair intervals: 35% (41%)
  • % who would recommend dental assisting as a profession: 74% (73%)
  • % who envision continued employment as a dental assistant three years from now: 74% (71%)

Selected comments from Ohio:

  • I have been a dental assistant/EFDA for more than 30 years. While I am not fully utilized as an EFDA, I have not had a raise in seven years. I also can fill in at the front desk and do my doctor's lab work. I feel I bring many skills to his practice that I am not compensated for.
  • I think starting pay should be better for dental assistants as they are required to know products’ procedures and sterilization.
  • You have to work hard and gain as much experience as possible to get to what you want. Having an awesome employer helps too.
  • Dental assistants are grossly underpaid. I would recommend any new assistant to further her education/skills to boost her earning potential.
  • I would like to mandatory credentialing. Dental assisting requires a lot of skills with patients as well as manipulation of dental materials and new digital equipment.
  • The cost of education in proprietary schools is outrageous, especially if the state does not require education!
  • There are many overpriced inferior programs students enroll in. They need to do their homework before they choose. Credentialing and continuing education are important to increase your value to any practice.

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