2013 Minnesota dental assisting salary survey

Sept. 23, 2013
2013 dental assisting salaries for Minnesota

2013 Minnesota dental assisting salary survey

(National averages or percentages are in the parentheses to allow for comparison)

  • Most common hourly rates: $20, $21, $23 ($18)
  • % who earn $30 or more an hour: 6% (6%)
  • % who last received a raise more than a year ago: 64% (56%)
  • % who believe raises occur at fair intervals: 35% (41%)
  • % who would recommend dental assisting as a profession: 79% (73%)
  • % who envision continued employment as a dental assistant three years from now: 85% (71%)

Selected comments from Minnesota:

  • There are many intelligent, caring, and hard working dental assistants who need to be acknowledged. As a whole, I feel the profession of dental assistants need to be known! I've talked to many people and have told them I am a dental assistant. They automatically start talking about how they love getting their teeth cleaned as if I said I was a dental hygienist. Or it’s, "Are you the person who hands the doctor his tools?" I want to known for more than that! Dental assistants need to credited for all that we do and what a lot of us are passionate about doing.
  • I have also became a pharmacy technician because they receive more benefits. I liked the profession but has you get older benefits become important.
  • We should have more expanded functions. The role of an experienced assistant is vital to the success of a quality dental office. Over the last 39 years in this field, I've seen the role of the hygienists become overinflated and they've put themselves on a way too tall pedestal. It's time for the assistants to be treated as a more valued part of the team. A good office can't function without a good assistant.
  • I cannot see paying a green licensed dental assistant $20 an hour. One-doctor offices are closing their doors every day. They cannot compete with the giant clinics. Patient care is subpar. Dentists are so worried about production and getting as much out of insurance companies, they forget there is a human underneath them. I am all about PR and making the patients feel like family. These are the most loyal patients. The solo practitioner is a dying breed.
  • People like to say dental assistants are the heart of the dental practice, yet I do not believe we are compensated for all the hard work and dedication we put into the practice. Assistants who are valuable should be rewarded with an hourly amount that shows them that they are worth every penny and more!
  • I feel very fortunate to be making $25 an hour after 23 years of full-time work; however, it took four years to go from $24 to $25 an hour. It's very hard work and I hope I can chairside assist until I'm 70 due to the economy. I eat right and exercise so that I can continue to work at the rate I need to at our busy clinic. It's a rewarding career but demanding, and it's tough to be submissive at work and then the caretaker/provider at home.

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