2013 New York dental assisting salary survey

Sept. 23, 2013
2013 Dental assisting salaries for New York  

2013 New York dental assisting salary survey

(National averages or percentages are in the parentheses to allow for comparison)

Most common hourly rates: $19, $20 ($18)

  • % who earn $30 or more an hour: 0% (6%)
  • % who last received a raise more than a year ago: 56% (56%)
  • % who believe raises occur at fair intervals: 35% (41%)
  • % who would recommend dental assisting as a profession: 62% (73%)
  • % who envision continued employment as a dental assistant three years from now: 68% (71%)

Selected comments from New York:

  • We should make more, since we do most of the work after braces are put on as an ortho assistant.
  • Certified and licensed assistants should make more.
  • We do as much as a dental hygienist and should be paid the same as one.
  • It would be difficult to support yourself and a family on a dental assistant’s salary.
  • I make a little over $19 an hour; however, in addition to dental assisting, I am the assistant office manager and treatment coordinator.
  • The economy and lack of affordable health-care are affecting our patients as well as co-workers and myself. It is very hard to get help as my income is too high but I am still struggling to pay my bills and feed my family.
  • I am a college graduate from an assisting program who is licensed and certified with over 29 years of experience. I feel all assistants should be college educated and licensed. We do treat patients, and they deserve the best, well-educated assistants working on them. This should be required like med techs. Too many assistants I meet have no clue what or why the doctor is doing during treatment.
  • The scope of practice for dental assistants should be equal in each state, and those states who do not require their dental assistants to be licensed should raise the bar and mandate it.
  • At state levels, there is always something going on regarding the licensing. This needs to continue to be an issue, and dentists need to encourage licensing and also watch what their unlicensed DA's are doing! We need to push for licensing!

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